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Shridatt Dudhat

Power Electronics Imagineer, technologyEnthusiasts & electronicsHobbyist

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Power Electronics Imagineering graduate from VGEC, Chandkheda with the passion of building awesome products using my Electronics and Programming Skills. I'm also doing small research in the field of AstroPhysics. Using my Homemade Telescope I observe stars, planets, Solar & Moon eclipse, commet, shooting starts etc.

Latest Projects

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μDrone - A Cost Effective Drone For Every Maker

μDrone is a Low-Cost Arduino Based Drone Project that will help you to build and Learn the Basic Fundamentals of Drone!

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ADS124S08 Module

ADS124S08 24-bit, 4-kSPS, 12-ch delta-sigma ADC, 24-bit, 4-kSPS, 12-ch delta-sigma ADC with PGA and voltage reference for sensor measurement

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Water Level Controller | STM8 Learning Kit

Simple Water Level Controller Using STM8s, It will Automatic detects Water level of Tank and turn on and off motor according to it.

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Phase-fired control, also called phase cutting or "phase angle control", is a method for power limiting, applied to AC voltages. It works by modulating a thyristor, SCR, triac, thyratron, or other such gated diode-like devices into and out of conduction at a predetermined phase of the applied waveform

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Moter-Cycle Theft Protection Board - GPS Enabled

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A Very Cheap Microcontroller Development Board KiCAD Project

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Work Experience

Embedded & IoT Lead - UrbanNaps (April 2019 - Present)

UrbanNaps is making India's First Smart Napping Pods for people to Rest and Relax at Urban Spaces.

Embedded R&D Head - Oizom (March 2016 - Present)

Oizom is into Smart Environmental Monitoring Solutions. Through a well-integrated hardware-software ecosystem, Oizom offers smart, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for highly scalable applications. Oizom solution is capable of 360’ environmental monitoring comprising Air-Quality, Traffic, Weather, Disaster, Light, Noise, and Public-hazard.Through smart solutions and data-science, Oizom is striving to play an important role in the future cities

Designer Power Electronics - SLTL Group (Jan 2021 - May 2021)

SLTL (Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.) - As an innovation driven group of companies, with its in-house R&D expertise it caters to the need of various industries. The Company provides solutions in the wide spectrum of industrial laser, Medical devices, Diamond and Jewellery processing, RF and Microwave and Renewable energy.

Junior Engineer - SAURER. (Aug 2014 - March 2016)

Saurer is a leading globally operating technology company focusing on innovations for the processing of fibre and yarn, including machinery, components and software. We partner with customers, providing smart fit-for-propose solutions to help our clients achieve their business aspirations.